Applying for a job

When the right opportunity comes up, follow the instructions to apply. If you need help, there are people who can support you.

You may need to complete an application form. It helps the employer find out about you, your skills and any previous work or training. It helps them to decide who to interview.

You may need to send a CV. A CV is a short, written summary of your skills, achievements and experience. It is usually one or two A4 pages long. You could also create a digital CV to send to employers. One example of this is Naturally Talented Me.

You can find information about applying for jobs on the National Careers Service website. Information in an easy read format can also be found on the Mencap website.

You may be invited to have an interview. At an interview, the employer asks questions to find out if you would be good for the job. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. This can help you to decide if you would like the job. You could learn how to ask for help preparing for or attending an interview on the Scope website.

You can find information to help you prepare for an interview on the Prince’s Trust website. Information in an easy read format can be found on the See Ability website.