Funding for children aged 5 and under

Find out about funding your childcare provider can apply for to support your young child

All childcare providers have resources to support special educational needs and disabilities.

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For some children, more help is needed. There is funding that your childcare provider can apply for to give your child more support.

Speak to your child’s nursery or pre-school, childminder, breakfast, after-school or holiday club and ask if they can apply.

Disability access fund

A childcare provider, such as a nursery can receive a payment of £910 per year (from 1st April 2024) to help with your child’s needs.

As a parent you’ll need to:

Speak to your childcare provider to discuss how best to support your child.

Early years pupil premium

If you’re on certain benefits, your childcare provider could receive extra funding to help support your child.

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Help with childcare costs

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Inclusion funding

If an early years setting is on the Ofsted register, they can apply for inclusion funding if they are a:

  • childminder
  • nursery or pre-school
  • school with a nursery offering funded early education entitlement (FEEE)
  • breakfast, after-school and holiday club

Speak to your childcare provider to discuss if inclusion funding is an option.