If you think your child needs help with speech and language, you can speak to your:

  • health visitor
  • nursery or preschool
  • school
  • GP

For advice on strategies to support your child's early speech and language development, watch a video on Essex County Council's YouTube channel.

Each area of Essex has an NHS Children's Speech and Language Therapy team which your GP may refer you to.

There are other organisations, including charities that can help. 

Search for support with speech and language

Private therapy

Waiting lists for NHS speech and language therapy can be long and some people choose to have private treatment instead. If you see see a therapist privately, you'll have to pay for treatment.

You can usually approach a private therapist directly without a referral from a doctor.

If you make this choice, look for accredited providers included in directories such as the Association of Speech and Language Therapists website.