How an EHC needs assessment works

Find out what will happen and when in the EHC assessment process

The EHC needs assessment is a detailed process that takes 20 weeks.

An EHC needs assessment does not always lead to a child or young person receiving an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

For example, the local authority might decide that the child’s or young person’s needs can be met by the nursery, school or college through special educational needs support.

  1. Deciding if an EHC needs assessment is appropriate (weeks 1 to 6)

    How the local authority will decide whether to carry out an assessment

  2. Continuing the EHC Needs assessment (weeks 6 to 16)

    How the panel works and what evidence they will look at

  3. If it's agreed that an EHCP is necessary (weeks 16-20)

    What happens next if the local authority decide to issue an EHCP

  4. Disagreeing with a decision

    What you can do if you disagree with the decision