Finding out what SEND support a nursery, school or college can offer

Find out how to check what support a school can offer

Every school must publish an SEN Information Report on their website and keep the report up to date. This report includes information such as: 

  • the type of support the school provides 
  • their approach to teaching children and young people with SEND 
  • how they will involve parents in their child’s education and engage with young people 

Schools need to explain what they can offer in terms of: 

  • arrangements they have for admitting children with disabilities 
  • steps they are taking to make sure disabled children receive fair treatment 
  • facilities they provide for disabled children  
  • plans they have for improving access in the future 

Nurseries and colleges are also expected to publish how they support children and young people who need extra support.   

To find a childcare provider’s website, visit the find a childcare provider website

To find a school or college’s website, visit search for schools and colleges on GOV.UK

Contact the nursery, school or college if you need help finding their SEN information report.