The journey

The transport provider is responsible for knowing the start and end times of the school day and term dates. They are also responsible for knowing about any events such as non-pupil days.  

It is important to be aware of the following information about pick up and drop off:  

  • the child or young person must be ready at pick up time – the vehicle may not be able to wait  
  • drop off must be to a parent/carer or responsible adult.  
  • the parent carer is responsible for fitting specialised seat or restraint if needed.  
  • the service provider cannot accommodate individual circumstances  
  • the service provider cannot drop off to an alternative address. They must drop off to the home address  

Journey times can be lengthy as several children will be picked up on the route. It can take time to settle. This process may take a few weeks, after which most children will adapt well to their new travel arrangements.   

You may wish for them to have comfort aids such as a blanket or headphones, to help with the journey.  

If the vehicle is late, please contact the transport provider and allow 30 minutes before making alternative travel arrangements.   

You can read the transport guidance on the Essex County Council Website. for further information.