Passenger Assistants (PAs) 

Passenger assistants are provided in the following circumstances:  

  • on the grounds of physical, medical or behavioural need
  • where a child’s medical needs require one, particularly where rescue medication is required
  • where an individual child’s needs create a clear danger or health and safety risk to themselves and other passengers on the vehicle

It might also be the case that a Passenger Assistant is present on your child or young person’s journey where one is required to help manage the journey and support all passengers on the vehicle. This may, for example, be the case where there are several children with special educational needs on the vehicle.  

Where it has been determined that a one-to-one passenger assistant is needed then this remains on record. There is no need to reapply each year.   

The decision is made by the Education Awards and Passenger Transport teams based on evidence received at the time of the transport application.