If it's not possible to go to school

What to do if it is not possible to go to school

For help with school attendance, you can watch a learning video on the Essex County Council YouTube channel. This offers advice from SEND professionals on how to manage attendance. 

For some children and young people, school is not a possible option. There is help in place for this.

Alternative provision

Schools must find alternative education for children and young people where needed.

This could be children and young people who:

  • are at risk of disengaging from mainstream or specialist education
  • need additional support during a negotiated transfer between schools
  • are unable to attend school due to physical or emotional health
  • are not on a school roll

There is a directory of places that can offer this, called 'Alternative Provision' on the Essex Infolink website.

Home schooling

Parents have the right to teach at home. Find out more about home education on essex.gov.uk.