Make a plan of action to support your child

Find out what a One Plan is, how it can help and how to make one

You can put together a support plan for children and young people with extra needs. In Essex we call this a One Plan. They can help young people to achieve their goals.

You can watch video about what a One Plan is and how it can help on Essex County Council's YouTube channel.

How it can help your child

A One Plan can help identify who is going to do what, when, how often and for how long. One Planning includes reviewing the child or young person's progress based on their own goals.

This is a way to build on what's working and changing what's not. It's a way to address needs that are not met. If the plan helps with progress towards these goals, it's effective.

How the plan is made

You can make a One Plan without doing an assessment.

This plan is developed, shared, and used by all the people working with the child or young person.

The group look at their:

  • motivations
  • strengths
  • aspirations
  • what they like about themselves

This must balance what the child needs, as well as what's important to them. To get the process started, speak to your child's school.

For information on the support your school has, find out what SEND support a nursery, school or college can offer.

One Plan checklist

All One Plans are unique to the child or young person, but will always include certain things.

You can download this checklist to make sure your plan includes these.