Make a plan of action to support your child

How we set outcomes in a One Plan

Outcomes are an important part of One Planning.      

They can be thought of as the steps on a journey towards aspirations.      

Outcomes should be written as SMART targets, which means they are:      

  • Specific: What does the child or young person want to do? Why? Who is involved? What resources are required?   
  • Measurable: How will we know it has been achieved?     
  • Achievable : How can the outcome be achieved? What will this look like?   
  • Realistic and relevant: Has each outcome been planned from the child or young person’s interests?    
  • Time bound : When should it be achieved by?    

They should be:

  • focused on the child or young person’s area of need
  • put together from the child’s hopes and dreams

Outcomes do not need to focus solely on academic achievement.