What good support in school looks like

Find out what classroom support you can access, and what the Ordinarily Available framework is

The Ordinary Available (OA) is a framework that explains what support is available in Early Years settings, primary and secondary schools in Essex. 

It explains: 

  • what support is available to all pupils 
  • what is available to pupils who need more support  

Support available to all pupils 

A classroom teacher can provide support as part of their everyday teaching. All pupils in mainstream setting can have this support.  We call this universal support.    

They do not need a medical diagnosis or One Plan to have universal support.

Find out how teachers provide universal support using the OA Inclusive Teaching Framework.

When a pupil needs more support

Teachers provide support as part of their everyday teaching. Some pupils need additional support. We call this targeted support.

The SENCO will help the classroom teacher put targeted support in place. This happens as part of One Planning.   

A pupil does not need a medical diagnosis or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to have targeted support.   

Find out how teachers provide targeted support using the OA Targeted Support Framework.

Reviewing the Ordinarily Available framework

The OA was introduced to all schools and Early Years settings in September 2023.

In July 2024 we will review the content of the OA. There may be some small changes.

Finding out what specific support a school can offer

For more specific information on what help a school can offer, check their SEN Information report.