Support your child with everyday tasks

Children and young people and their families sometimes need advice, guidance or help with everyday tasks. This could include: 

  • feeding 
  • washing and dressing 
  • toileting 
  • socialising and making relationships 
  • being independent 
  • moving about (or being moved) freely and easily 
  • keeping safe 

For tips on how to use visuals to manage tasks, you can watch a video on Essex County Council's YouTube channel
There are groups, charities and local support that can help. These are services anyone can access. 

Search for support, groups and activities

If your child needs more help 

Some children and young people may need more help. There is support available for those that need it. 
Find out what else is available if you have support in place, and it is not enough.  

Some children and young people have needs which require more specialist services and they may need the support of a social worker. 
If your child is aged 17 or under, contact Children's Social Care to request an assessment of your child’s needs. 

Find support for children, young people and families on 

If your child is aged 18 and over, you can contact Adult Social Care. 

Find social care help on 

There are different levels of support depending on your child’s needs. Social Care will work with you and your child to understand your child’s needs and decide what support would help. The support you need may change over time. 
As a parent or guardian who may be caring for a child or young person with additional needs, you may be eligible for additional support as a carer