When your child turns 18

When a young person turns 18 years old, according to the law, they become an adult.  

Here are a few things that change when this happens.

Receiving financial help

At 18 years old a young person may be entitled to benefits. Find out more about financial support.

Moving from children's to adult social care

Find out about moving from children and families social care to adult social care  

Paying for social care

Young people receiving social care support paid for by the council may need to start paying for this when they turn 18.

A financial assessment will work out if a young person needs to pay towards their support.

Find out about financial assessments on essex.gov.uk.

Mental Capacity

Before your child turns 18 you make decisions for them because you have parental responsibility.

If a person lacks 'mental capacity' because of a disability, they may not be able to make decisions about certain things. If you need to help them with decisions when they are over 18 years of age, there are steps you need to take.

Find out what to do when someone cannot make their own decisions.

Mental capacity should not be confused with making unwise decisions.

Read more about mental capacity on the Mind website