Who to speak to about health

If your child is under 5 years

The best person to speak to is their health visitor. Health visitors play an important role in making sure all children have the best start in life. They are available to all families with babies and children up to the age of 5. They offer regular health and development reviews from when your child is born until they are 2 years old.

There are many things you can look out for, including speech and language, social development and physical development. Read about what to expect at different ages on the BBC's Tiny Happy People website.

Find activities to help your child's development on Essex's Talk Listen Cuddle (TLC) website.

You can find information about when to expect reviews from your health visitor on the NHS website. These are opportunities to raise anything you have noticed.

If a health professional thinks a child has, or might have additional needs, they will inform your Local Authority. This is called a 'Section 23' notification. This helps to make sure they have the right support by the time they start school.

If your child is over 5 years

Speak to their GP. You can search to find a GP on the NHS website.

Things to note down

Whatever age your child is, make notes on anything you have noticed before the appointment, including dates. This could include the way your child:

  • plays
  • learns
  • speaks
  • acts
  • moves

This will help your health professionals understand what’s going on. 

Wellbeing support

There are a range of services available through the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service