Who to speak to about learning

Speak to your child’s nursery, school or college

If your child has needs, all education providers must have help in place to support them. Your child’s nursery, school or college can help observe them. They can work with you to figure out:

  • what is happening
  • why it's happening now

Together you can explore ways to meet their needs.

Find out about help with learning

If you think your child needs help with reading or writing

Talk to your child to find out what they are finding difficult. Talk to your child’s teacher, if they are at school. Some useful questions might be:

  • how is my child doing?
  • what can the school do to help, if my child is struggling?
  • what can I do to help, if my child is struggling?

Find help in the community

There are groups, charities and other parents in Essex who understand what you are going through.

Search for support, groups and activities