Make a plan of action to support your child

Who is involved in creating a One Plan     

The plan is co-produced, shared and used by all the people supporting the child or young person.  It should involve:      

  • you as the parent or carer      
  • the child or young person      
  • the educational setting 
  • any other professionals from education, health and social care, where relevant  

The child or young person should be supported to contribute their views in the most relevant way. This could be:      

  • speaking      
  • using pictures      
  • through signing      
  • observations  

This is called person centred planning. You can read more about this on the Council for Disabled Children’s website.

A One Plan is a tool that grows with the child or young person so will change over time.  

The SENCO is responsible for overseeing the plan and its implementation.