Moving from children and families social care to adult social care

What assessments happen and which teams are involved when a child receiving social care support turns 18

Some children who have a social worker may need support when they become an adult. 

If your child has a social worker in the Children with Disabilities Team or Young People with Disabilities Team, the social worker will complete a Care Act Assessment before your child turns 18. This will identify any support needs under the Care Act.   

If your child has a social worker in any other team, they will work with Adult Social Care to complete their Care Act Assessment. This will determine whether your child has any support needs under the Care Act. 

Find out more about the Care Act on the Carers UK website.  

There's no set age or time before your child’s 18th birthday at which the assessment must take place. The best time to plan the move to adult services will be different for each child. 

Carrying out a Care Act Assessment  

The aim of a Care Act Assessment is to get a full picture of your child and their strengths, needs and goals. This helps the local authority consider whether care and support from adult social care will be needed once they become an adult.   

The assessment must be carried out by a trained assessor, such as a social worker. They will consider:   

  • your child’s needs and how they impact on their wellbeing. For example, a need for help with getting dressed or support to access the community  
  • what matters to your child. For example, whether they are lonely and want to make new friends  
  • your child’s circumstances. For example, where they live

What happens after the assessment

After carrying out the assessment, the local authority will consider whether any of the needs identified are eligible for support.  

If the assessment identifies that support from adult social care is needed, a care and support plan is created. The plan explains what support and services are needed.  

Your child’s social worker will also provide information about what you or your child can do to stay well and prevent the development of further care and support needs.  

A care and support plan may include a personal budget or direct payments. 
Find out more about personal budgets on the

A Financial and Benefits Assessment will also be carried out to see if your child needs to pay a contribution towards their support.  

Find out more about a financial assessment on

Moving to Adult Social Care

A child with a social worker from the Young People with Disabilities Team moves to Adult Social Care when: 

  • they have left education  
  • any eligible support package provided under the Care Act is in place 

When this move takes place, you will be provided with contact details for the new team.

Adult Social Care will review any support they provide to check it continues to meet your child’s needs. If your child’s circumstances change, they will work with you to develop a new support plan.  

If adult social care support is not needed, they will provide advice on what you or your child can do to stay well and prevent the development of care and support needs in the future.