A child-safe and parent friendly mobile network for children and young people who may be vulnerable.

How it can help

A mobile network that is aimed at children and young people and those that may be vulnerable but want some independence. 

Features include:

  • Call blocking
  • Unlimited calls 'home' - 2 numbers that can be called or text even if user has run out of minutes or texts
  • Records all text messages on an online account for parents to review 
  • All calls are recorded and stored 
  • Spending controls 
  • Time controls 
  • Alerts on concerning words or phrases 



The controls built into ParentShield make it safe for all children of any age, but typically the service is most suitable for children aged 6-13. 


Open to all, but typically children that are vulnerable on their own

How to access

Visit the website to order

Special need

Learning disability
Speech, language and communication

Area(s) covered



From ¬£9.99 per month. 

Free guides on how to set up on the website 

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