Woodlands School

A secondary school which provides additional support who those with speech, language, and communication difficulties

How it can help

The Enhanced Provision at Woodlands School provides additional support and guidance to access the mainstream curriculum and improve pupil's speech, language, and communication.  includes direct regular input from a qualified speech and language therapist, classroom support, curriculum intervention, social skills development, and widespread pastoral support.

All pupils within Woodlands Enhanced Provision are included in mainstream classes and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life. Their academic achievements are monitored closely by the Enhanced Provision Lead who has regular communication with parents and carers, staff, and pupils. Teaching staff across the school use evidence-based strategies to support with speech and language development in each subject area.


11 to 16


Education, Health and Care Plan required (currently under review)

How to access

Admissions by referral as part of the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process (currently under review)


Woodlands Approach
Off Nether Mayne
SS16 5BA
United Kingdom

Special need

Speech, language and communication

Area(s) covered




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