Appendix one – School Accessibility Plan framework

This section provides an overview of the statutory duty of schools to develop and publish an Accessibility Plan that outlines how the school will improve access to education for disabled pupils over time.

The school’s Governing Body holds responsibility for publishing the Accessibility Plan, and as part of a regular review process, schools will need to have regard to the need of providing adequate resources for implementing this plan, and reviewing this plan.

An Accessibility Plan will be deemed satisfactory when:

  • it is in writing
  • it covers the following three strands of increasing access over time: o Increased access to the curriculum for disabled pupils
  • improvements to the physical environment to increase access to education and associated services at the school
  • improvements in the provision of information for disabled pupils where it is provided in writing for pupils who are not disabled

In addition, an Accessibility Plan should be:

  • adequately resourced
  • implemented
  • reviewed regularly
  • revised as necessary (e.g. when accommodation improvements or repair work are being planned)
  • revised, if necessary, during a three year period to ensure information is reported to parents/carers annually
  • a free standing document or part of the school development plan
  • published in the context of the Equality Act 2010, which can be interpreted as making the school’s Accessibility Plan widely and easily available

Regarding the final point, it is suggested that the school’s Accessibility Plan is published on the school website, and hard copies can be provided upon request. The school should be prepared to make available versions of the plan in other, accessible formats to meet the needs of those requesting it i.e. parents with English as a foreign language.