Appendix 2

Ceasing a Personal Budget

  • The person is found to be barred from receiving a Direct Payment
  • They are found not to be used for the specific purpose outlined in the EHC/CIN/Health Plan
  • If the recipient no longer wishes to use direct payments to provide the provision, they will cease as soon as this request is received in writing and alternatives can be arranged
  • Upon review it is agreed that they are no longer required because needs are being met differently
  • If the individual no longer has a health need determined to be supported by a Personal Budget 
  • If the individual is no longer eligible for NHS CYPCC/ACHC funding
  • The use of direct payments is having an adverse impact on other services provided by the local authority/CCG or having an impact on the provision for other children and young people with an EHCP.
  • There has been no consent from a young person post statutory school age to receive them
  • The outcomes identified in the EHC plan are not being met