Decision making

Following completion the appropriate assessments and Support Plan will be presented to the relevant agency panel or Joint Agency Panel for formal approval. For the support plan to be approved each organisation will need to confirm that it meets specific guidelines set out by their respective regulatory body.

For Special Educational Needs Regulation sets out that the Local Authority may only make personal budget payments if:

  • The recipient will use them to secure the agreed provision in an appropriate way
  • The person receiving payments on a person’s behalf will act in their best interests
  • The direct payments will not have an adverse impact on other services, which the LA/Health Provides or arranges for children and young people with an EHC Plan
  • Securing the proposed agreed provision by direct payments is an efficient use of the authority’s resources.

Where decisions of the panel are disputed by a young person or family, families will be advised how they can follow the relevant statutory complaints or appeals process.