Request for a Personal Budget

When a statutory EHC, Social Care child in need or relevant Health Assessment commences, the personal budget process will be discussed with the child/young person and their family and always with the young person (if post compulsory school age) to see if this is something they may be interested in pursuing, if eligible. The benefits and responsibilities around the personal budget will be explained by the lead professional from Education, the social worker or health care professional

Each organisation will have an identified way of identifying a personal budget. Following formal assessment, a personal budget may be identified through using a ‘resource allocation tool’ know as a ‘RAS’ or identifying provision/budget based on assessed need and outcomes. A personal budget is not necessarily the sum total of all the resources that are available to support a child or young person and it is expected that the child/ young person will continue to access other services such as primary care or emergency services.

In the event of a ‘RAS’ being used, the outcome will be the production of an indicative budget which gives a financial envelope within which the personal health budget support plan is completed.