Speak to your child’s nursery, school or college

Whether your child or young person is moving setting or not, you need to keep everyone informed of any changes.  

If they’re not moving setting 

If they move to a new GP, health care provider or social worker you must tell the school.  

If they’re moving setting 

If they're changing setting, make an application for the new setting as soon as possible. 

Check the individual setting for: 

  • acceptance criteria 
  • deadlines to apply 

If you’re moving out of Essex, check with application process with your new local council.  

Meet your new SENCO  

When you have a place at a new setting, ask to speak to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) there to discuss the transition.  

Ask your old setting to provide the new SENCO with copies of all documents about your child’s current support. This will help make sure this support continues.