What to do if you receive social care

Tell your social worker as soon as you know you’re moving. Let them know of all changes happening because of your move, such as a change in GP, educational setting or healthcare provider. 

Accessing social care when moving within Essex 

If you move to a different part of Essex, you might be moving to a different social care team.  

In this case, your social worker will speak to your new team.  

They should arrange a joint visit to make introductions and make sure you have a smooth transfer. 
Accessing social care when moving out of Essex 

When you move out of Essex, your new council is unlikely to have the same social care set up.  

If you give your social worker permission, they can: 

  • share your information 
  • make the referral to the authority you are moving to on your behalf  
  • send a copy of your child’s current assessment and care plan 

They need you to agree to this. This could help make the transition earlier and reduce the need to repeat your family story.