What to do if you're using school transport

Arranging school transport 

If you are currently using school transport, you must email the Education Awards Team when planning to move. 

They will reassess if you are eligible for school transport.  

Email:  educationawards@essex.gov.uk 

Contact them as soon as possible, even if you do not have a set moving date. It can take 15 working days to confirm whether your child is still eligible for school transport. 

The Education Awards Team will contact you to confirm if your child is still eligible. 

The Passenger Transport Team or the operator will then contact you to confirm if there is a change of provider and route. This should happen within 10 working days. 

The process may be different if your child has additional medical needs such as rescue medication. Things may take longer as a passenger assistant would need to be trained over a few weeks. The Education Awards Team will inform you if this is the case. 

Services your child accesses through their educational setting 

Your child might access extra support, such as: 

  • speech and language therapy 
  • specialist teachers 
  • educational psychologists 
  • engagement facilitators 
  • inclusion partners 

Ask your old setting to inform any of these providers that your child is moving, and to pass on any information from these to the new setting.